Generation Grey

It’s a subject laden with cliché. You’re as young as you feel, young at heart… Yet these sayings, however hackneyed, point to an aspiration that is becoming a reality. People are living longer. They are retiring later – or not at all. They are healthier. And also they simply don’t look, act or feel old.
To understand the seismic shift taking place, it helps to look at the cultural icons now hitting age landmarks. Vogue editor Anna Wintour is 68. Mick Jagger is 74. Mary Berry is 82.
They are stars, yes. But how we think of these people as they move into their 60s and beyond helps to show just how much our conception of age has changed. The cult of youth is fading, replaced by a culture of agelessness, where people’s interests and activities needn’t change just because they were born on a certain date.
In this world – where Generation Grey, as we call it, are revving up rather than slowing down – the term ‘old’ is dead and gone. In its place, a new brand is being born. Welcome to Marija Moderna.

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