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Fashion industry is largely targeting younger markets, however, 65-75 age group is remaining underserved.

Everyone here at Marija Moderna’s HQ is passionate about creating fashion that celebrates female bodies and minds just the way they are. Diverse, unique and beautiful.
We believe fashion should address all age groups and not just girls and young women, as media promotes it. Life experiences are invaluable and therefore should be embraced, celebrated and not hidden behind the social stereotypes.

Our mission is to create vivid fashion for mature women. 

Our ambition is to create affordable and carefully designed garments with our target customer in mind as well as encourage women to indulge every moment of their lives in joyful fashion.

Our plan is to work with various communities worldwide, which would allow us to gather the relevant data in order to create more fitted garments that are satisfying women’s needs on a larger scale.

We look forward to share our journey to create fashion without limitations with you!


Marija Moderna Team



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