Generation Grey

It’s a subject laden with cliché. You’re as young as you feel, young at heart… Yet these sayings, however hackneyed, point to an aspiration that is becoming a reality. People are living longer. They are retiring later – or not at all. They are healthier. And also they simply don’t look, act or feel old.
To understand the seismic shift taking place, it helps to look at the cultural icons now hitting age landmarks. Vogue editor Anna Wintour is 68. Mick Jagger is 74. Mary Berry is 82.
They are stars, yes. But how we think of these people as they move into their 60s and beyond helps to show just how much our conception of age has changed. The cult of youth is fading, replaced by a culture of agelessness, where people’s interests and activities needn’t change just because they were born on a certain date.
In this world – where Generation Grey, as we call it, are revving up rather than slowing down – the term ‘old’ is dead and gone. In its place, a new brand is being born. Welcome to Marija Moderna.

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Chapter One

Today it marks seven years since Marija Moderna brand was born. I still recall that gloomy Monday spent in my London studio at Bow Road – a rather large and not particularly warm room just opposite the Olympic Stadium. At the time I just completed my Masters degree and as every stubborn Central Saint Martin’s student I decided to go solo and start my own fashion label.
The idea of working for yourself and owning a fashion brand was exciting, motivating and empowering.
I had my vision, skill and power of will. The only thing missing was the name.

I knew I wanted to name my brand after a woman who symbolically represents all women. I always saw myself as a designer who rather creates wearable, functional clothes as opposed to fashion extravaganza. Personally I’m a firm believer that womens fashion should embody the idea of what we, women can relate to and wear on daily basis.
I wanted my brand to stay true to my personal fashion identity, which (as some of you know already know) involves certain touch of glamour; dressing up in a sophisticated and vivid fashion has been ‘my thing’ since I was a child.

Frankly, on that day, seven years ago, simple commute from my studio to the flat crystallised my vision. I realised the only woman that really embraces us all and is symbolically so powerful everyone can relate to, is Virgin Mary. Truth to be told, she was the first woman I looked up to when I was a little girl, every time when my family and I went to a service. I admired her eternal beauty and grace.
I believe she is a profound figure and her look is as sophisticated as her actions are. On top of that she is kind, compassionate, thoughtful and attentive person, surrounded by light and beauty.
That evening, I decided my brand will be named after her. Furthermore, I decided to create a vision of a modern woman who embraces everything that defines femininity.
And so Marija Moderna name was found.

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